Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chapter 11

The three of them were pushed into the cage by three devils carrying long spears, they pushed the prisoners into the cage. As soon as they entered the cage, it began to change form. Out of nowhere grew four golden walls, it covered the cage only a couple of tiny holes remained. Jesus was very silent, he didn't say a world and he was white-faced, shaking with fright. Kansas sneared to Henry" The old cowerd has such little courage." Jesus gronned. Suddenly five out of the ten holes, burst five dragons. They were large and red with big wings and large yellow eyes.

The dragons turned slowly to Henry and zoomed at him, long fangs shinning. Then out of Kansas's pocket jumped out four creatures, one red, one green, one yellow, one purple. They have a TV on they're stomach. The dragons froze then they crowded around the strange creatures. "Hello, we are Kansas's pet"said the purple creture"we're Teletubies" The dragons were so intersted by the Teletubies the forgot to attack. Then the TVs on the Teletubies started to play a movie about Teletubies, now the dragons were too busy watching the movie. Then the dragons said" Are there more." The Teletubies played one after another and the dragons spend the whole day watching Teletubies.

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