Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Boston Redsox

The Red Sox are one of the oldest teams in MLB. They are a legendary team for beating the New York Yankees in 2004's playoffs when they lose 3 games in a row, but then win 4 games in a row and get into the World Series .They are the first team in history ever to do that. Thy pordued outstanding players like Cy Young, Ted Williams and Babe Ruth. Ruth is sold to the Yankees and people say that he start the Babe Ruth Curse, which prevent the Red Sox from getting the World Series cup for 86 years in a row. These years the Red Sox trade in many good players like Daisuke Matsuzaka, Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell.The Red Soxs are still one of the best teams in MLB.

New York Yankees

The New York Yankees are one of the oldest teams in MLB. It is once called the New York Giants and Highlanders, they start the team in Baltimore, not in New York as they are named now. They are the most populer team in MLB and one of the best. This team porduce many outstanding players like Lou Gehirg and Joe DiMaggio.But now the Yankees is facing a big problem that their players are getting older and the new players are not good enough, and now Torre who is very populer in the Yankees refuse to be manager anymore. This is the problem the Yankees are facing.