Sunday, January 18, 2009

The best kind of jobs

Being a doctor is a good job for many reasons. First, you can help people. Curing other people from illness is a great thing to do. When you help people, you feel happy yourself, so your life would be full of happiness. Second, it is very interesting to study to be a doctor, you can learn a lot of things like the structure of brain, heart and bones. It is an interesting career to attend, and also a happy job of helping people.


Bicycles are one of the best means of transportations on Earth. First, they are enviormentally friendly. When you ride bikes, you don't cause damage to the enviorment, a thing you can't achieve when you drive cars or ride motorcycles. That way we could keep a better world. Second, riding bikes is a healthy way of exercising, it strengthens the muscles on your legs, your lungs and heart. Riding bikes is a good thing in many ways, so, if you have time, drop your motorcycles once in a while, and do something good to the world.