Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Chapter 7

Somebody was poking Henry gentely on the head. He woke with a shout. Infront of him were two unfamilier people. One was very old, with a long white beard and he was bald. The other was a young man, he was very musculer and was grinning at Henry. "Ah! You finaly wake up, we thought you were dead." said the old man. " Who are you?" the words came out before Henry could stop them and he knew he had sound rude. "We found you with your head in the sand" said the old man. "Why are you doing that, you do konw that's quick sand." "Then we pulled you out by the feet and you are lucky not to be dead."

Henry finally understood the old man's words. Then he asked" What's your name? I thank you two very much." The old man said" I'm Jesus and that's my brother Kansas" said the old man. "I came here because you picked on me so much and my ears are starting to itch ." "Your ears should be itching." muttered Henry, " You leave me in such a mess." Jesus sighed" I did it because you are too fat and you need exersise, that camel a sent for you to ride nearly broke it's bones when it came back to me, and that's my privite camel, you know." Then Kansas said" For apolagy, we will send you to the west cost of the deset." Henry was so happy he danced.

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