Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Ending

It was the west cost of Sahara desert, and the four of them were blinking in the bright sunlight, with a huge hamster at their side.
So it all end like this
Dumb never returned to his school but got a job at the circus acting a hamster. Henry returned safly to his father's. Jesus and Kansas returned to the valley wich they had been captured by the wolves to find the missing Teletubies.
And the large hamster?
Henry sold it to How-Chia Junior High and it lived hppily with the other humans in the school.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Chapter 19

The moment the sword turned into smithereens in the hamster's moth, there came a menicing snear outside the school. Then the two teachers they had seen earlier rushed into the place where they are standing. "Headmaster, Vol-Dam-Ort is right outside the school grounds, he is telling his men to suck out all the water in the lake to put in his dam." "God!"cursed Dumb and he hurried into the grounds. Henry and Kansas tied and locked th huge hamster to the wall, it was full and was already fast asleep.

Just then a crepy looking man floated up outside the window, he had big hands, white skin, no hair and wearing a blood red cloak. In his other hand held Dumb, wich he threw onthe ground. The man smiled and said in a high clear voice "Hello, Dumb my old pal, I am taking this school and kill you all, but you have one chance to survive." there was a little pause while the man licked his red lips, showing his pointed teeth" I will give you an hour, you could run toward the mountains. The water of my dam is filled now, the water will only reach the end of the mountains 300 miles from here. The water will cover you all in 10 seconds , so be quick. I will start counting from the first step you take, start in five minutes time or I will let out the water now." Dumb cursed a number of his best chosen rude words. "And " said the man, who must be Vol-Dam-Ort as Dumb beckoned the three of them foward "No apperating, I've cast a charm wich will prevent you from apperating, you could apperate only if you walk over the old oak tree at the edge of the Dark Forest in the mountains."

They had hardly ny time to spare that Dumb didn't even curse, he poked the big hamster awake and directed it with his stick. Then they hurried out of the school. The mountain was tall and steep, it was nothing to Kansas wich was young and thin, but Dumb and Jesus were very old and Hnery was a very fat kid. Then Dumb cast his broken stick in a circle and the huge hamster wich was floating beside them, sprang awake and carried them through the mountains really fast. There was only 20minutes left whenthe hamster stopped and threw them all down. They were only 2 miles away from the great oak, but the hamster laied down and started to snore. They could not wake the hamster so they took turns draging it, and edged toward the oak. With 5 meters to the oak, their hour was up. The sound of running water reached their ears, after 7 seconds they finally made it. Dumb waved his stick and with only a half minute left they apperated with the sound of strong running water still ringing in their ears......

Chapter 18

They landed in the highstreet of Hamsmeed, and walked up to the gates with the winged hamsters ontop. Dumb clicked his fingers and the gates opened, they walked up to the front door and opened it wide, out marched two teacher looking peoeple. They both weared long robes with the Hamster World crest on it: a red, green ,yellow, purple hamster each. Dumb sweap into the school without talking to the two people and Henry, Kansas and Jesus fallowed. There were dozens of hamsters in the corridores, they were busy taring down the statues on the plinthes near the wall. There was one that was instantly reconizable. It was the largest and truly three floors wide, lucky for it the corridores of Hamster world were all 4 floors wide. Dumb shouted" Get back to bed!" The croud of hamsters raced away, except for the largest one, still shoving the statues into it's over sized mouth. Dumb pulled out his broken stick and shouted" Stop or I will curse you!" The large hamster turned around, grinning stupidly, still chewing on the statue of Nicolus Hamel, the famous sorcerer's stone maker.

The large hamster turned and ran, Dumb pointed his broken stick at it's broad back and the Largest Hamster in The World flew foward with a loud yell and crashed into the wall. This was a big mistake. The hamster crashed the wall open and the sword of Hamsterdore appeared before their eyes. On it's hilt were seven glitering rubbies, and "God-Drick Hamsterdore" was carved on the blade. The fallen fat hamster saw it, Dumb scenced what it was going to do. With a cry of desperate, Dumb pointed his broken stick at the hamster, but no mater what spell he shouted, it all rebounded back. Then before anyone could stop it, the large hamster grabbed the sword and shewed it up.

Chapter 17

"Thanks alot."said Henry gratefully to the old man. "What is your name?"asked Kansas. "My name is Albus Dumb-O-dore, but you can just call me Dumb." said the old man. The people in the street were staring at Dumb's long robes and pointed hat, so he quickly took off those. And out of his hat jumped two hamsters, the people in Egypt never saw a hamster, and they crowded around it. Then a man called Peter Hotdogs bought it for a million dallors. "What work did you do to involve a hamster?"asked Henry. "Oh, that reminds me, I could take you to our school"said Dumb. "What school?""My school of course"said Dumb"A magic school Hamster World, our motto is' We Want Engrish. We have four houses: Hamsterdor, Hamsterclaw, Hamsterpuff and Hamsterlinn" "That's fine by me."said Henry"And me"said Kansas. They both look at Jesus"What about you?"Jesus cried"I hate hamsters."

Dumb was afronted, "what's wrong with hamsters? They are furry and cute." Jesus said "Last year I saw a hamster in my house, I tried to pet it and........" "What?"said Dumb."It turn into a three floor wide monster and ate all the food I stored in my refrigerator." "Wide?" "Yeah, it was as tall as me really." Dumb thought for a moment and cried"The largest hamster in the world!" "What?" "Yeah, he is in our school, he is really greedy, he ate all the food at his table." "God, he really can eat." Just then Dumb cast out a blood curdleing scream" The sword of Hamsterdor! If he ate that Vol-dam-ort can get into the school and kill all the students."

"Who is Vol-Dam-ort?"asked Henry. "He is an evil wizard, you can put water on the dam on top his head and water pour out to kill all the people. And he had a powerful stick called the Live Stick, if he use it hell will move to the sky and heaven will move underground." "Oh no, than my house will crash!" "Why?"asked Henry"It will just change place" "Because the first of the 3 little pigs help build it with straw." "I need to get back to school"said Dumb"could you three come and help me?" They all agreed(Kansas covering Jesus's mouth), then they turn on the spot to diapperate.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chapter 16

Henry fainted and next second he was splashed awake again. Color wolf's voice groweled in his ear. "Wake up your oilness, you are so lazy."Henry groaned and woke up, the awful smell of stinky tofu attacked at his nostruls. The color wolf grinned again and continued his speach" And we present, blood of our sacrificers, start form the fatty."When Henry noticed, the three masked wolves were trying to cut open his back. "We can't cut him sir, he has too much oil, probly more than a whale's blubber." As he said that, the three knives turn into an arch. The colorwolf gaped at the swords, and said"The old cowerd first, than." The wolves tried cutting Jesus, but his bone is too hard. "Dam_! Cut the last one." The exacutioners were about to cut Kansas, when some one shouted" Stop!"The wolves looked up, bewildered then an old man with a long silvery beard and half-moon specticals walked out. Color wolf growled"You can't stop us!" "Oh yes?" The old man took out a broken stick and said"ass-io gun." And a gun appeared out of thin air.

The old man took the gun and shoot the wolf's head. Blood poured out and the color wolf's body fell to the ground. The old man waved his broken stick and the four of them appeared on the east side of the Saharen Desret.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chapter 15

The moment the moon light hit the color wolf, he leapt up. He let out a loud growel. It shook the whole valley and ecoched off the valley cliffs. The wolves leapt up, they sharpened their teeth and pulled out their knives. They stood straight in a row a looked up at the platform. The masked wolves walked foward, they bowed to their boss, who nodded. The wolves tore their prisoners' clothes down, leaving them nothing to wear but pants. The three wolves use their knives to slice a wound on their body, they let the blood drip onto their prisoners back. The wolf blood was hot and had a burning feeling upon Henry's bare back. The color wolf leapt foward, he said in a deep growel" Today, as every wolf in the world wish, we have gathered three prisoners in the honor of the Wolfking's return."

Henry frowned. The color wolf's breath was smellier than garbage in the city wast yard. The color wolf continued his speech" With all respect, we present you a juicy fat human, a no use old git and a mucsel man." Kansas cried" Your breath is so smelly, how often did you brush your teeth?" The wolf opened its mouth to reply, that's when Henry noticed a hand full of stinky tofu stacked in his mouth. He grinned"Last time I went to Taiwan and ate alot, it is so tasty I don't want to brush my teeth." "Oh, dam_." thought Henry as he fainted at the smell of color wolf's mouth.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chapter 14

The wolves contiued to work and their moves became faster, the color wolf sat on the tallest rock, watching every move his men made. The wolves carried out lots of meat and lay them under their leader. Last the wolves placed a large knife a platform build on top of the rock the color wolf is standing. Then three wolves wearing a mask each, and each carring a knife in it's belt untied the tree pisoners and pushed them toward the place where the color wolf was waiting, a excited look gleaming in it's big yellow eyes. Just walking to the top took about 2 hours and when they got there the color wolf was sound asleep on the floor.

The wolves wich held them at bay, however, seem wide awake and they have no chance to run away. Kansas growel" Get your dirty hands off me." the wolves snickered" You won't be so happy once it's time for the fun to begin."Just then, the first ray of moon light shawn onto them , covernig them with the silvery glow of light.