Sunday, March 16, 2008

Chapter 9

The man stopped right infront of his prisoners. He brandished the knife at them, and Jesus whimpered worse than ever. Henry gasped. The man was a devil he read in a book, the mask with a lion on it was familier. The knife's handle was the shape of a dragon, the blade was made of pure silver and four large diamonds were carved on it. It was the evilest devil ever, Satan.

Satan grinned. Then he spoked in a deap, evil voice" Hello! my friends, my name is Satan." Henry felt more afraid than ever, in the books Satan loved to kill. He wondered if the Satan here is really like that, if he is they will all be history. Satan pulled out his knife, he whipped it playifully at Jesus, and Jesus screamed out loud. "Oh you're such a cowerd, you haven't changed at all" sneared Satan.

Satan suddenly swipped the knife at Jesus and in a flash, Jesus's head was gone. Henry was too scared to speak, but Kansas look very happy. "Thanks, for killing that old fool for me." Satan laughed. Then he picked up Jesus's head, placed it on the body and blew. Jesus came backed to life!

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