Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chapter 11

The three of them were pushed into the cage by three devils carrying long spears, they pushed the prisoners into the cage. As soon as they entered the cage, it began to change form. Out of nowhere grew four golden walls, it covered the cage only a couple of tiny holes remained. Jesus was very silent, he didn't say a world and he was white-faced, shaking with fright. Kansas sneared to Henry" The old cowerd has such little courage." Jesus gronned. Suddenly five out of the ten holes, burst five dragons. They were large and red with big wings and large yellow eyes.

The dragons turned slowly to Henry and zoomed at him, long fangs shinning. Then out of Kansas's pocket jumped out four creatures, one red, one green, one yellow, one purple. They have a TV on they're stomach. The dragons froze then they crowded around the strange creatures. "Hello, we are Kansas's pet"said the purple creture"we're Teletubies" The dragons were so intersted by the Teletubies the forgot to attack. Then the TVs on the Teletubies started to play a movie about Teletubies, now the dragons were too busy watching the movie. Then the dragons said" Are there more." The Teletubies played one after another and the dragons spend the whole day watching Teletubies.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Chapter 10

Henry was amazed at how powerful was Satan's magic, that he could make dead people come bake to life. Jesus gronned" I hate it when you do that." Satan laughed. His laugh was evil and deep. "I've done it for about a zillion times when we were at school, and you're still afraid of it? What a real cowerd you are." Jesus didn't seem to have any reason to say. Satan smiled. He snapped his fingers, five little devils pulled out a large cage.

"Where did you get it?"screamed Jesus. Satan smiled at Jesus's fright. Henry saw that it was made of gold and decorated with jewels, he couldn't understand why Jesus was so afraid. Neither did Kansas"That old fool has lost his mind."sneared Kansas. Satan seem to have read Henry's mind. He said" This, my young freind is the Cage of Attack, as you can see our old maniact here is very scared." The cage glowed in the red, dark light of Hell. Henry shivered, the cage was letting of a strong cold wind. Satan grinned again"See what I meen, my young fat friend after I'm finnished with you I will have a year's worth of oil.

Then Satan suddenly growled" Take them into the Cage and see what they make of it." They were trapped.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Chapter 9

The man stopped right infront of his prisoners. He brandished the knife at them, and Jesus whimpered worse than ever. Henry gasped. The man was a devil he read in a book, the mask with a lion on it was familier. The knife's handle was the shape of a dragon, the blade was made of pure silver and four large diamonds were carved on it. It was the evilest devil ever, Satan.

Satan grinned. Then he spoked in a deap, evil voice" Hello! my friends, my name is Satan." Henry felt more afraid than ever, in the books Satan loved to kill. He wondered if the Satan here is really like that, if he is they will all be history. Satan pulled out his knife, he whipped it playifully at Jesus, and Jesus screamed out loud. "Oh you're such a cowerd, you haven't changed at all" sneared Satan.

Satan suddenly swipped the knife at Jesus and in a flash, Jesus's head was gone. Henry was too scared to speak, but Kansas look very happy. "Thanks, for killing that old fool for me." Satan laughed. Then he picked up Jesus's head, placed it on the body and blew. Jesus came backed to life!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Chapter 8

The fallowing morning they set off. They went on foot which seems to be very easy for Jesus and Kansas, because they were walking as fast as a ninja. For Henry, this is very hard work because he was so fat, even two weeks in the desret he still weight far more than 100kg. Jesus poked Henry on the stomach every time he was five meters away form Kansas. Soon Henry was tired, and night had fallen, so the three of them built up a tent.

In the middle of the night Henry heard something moving outside. Then several men in black cloaks burst into the tent. They grabbed all three of them and ran off. The men carried them into a cave and into a room, Jesus gaspped. The sign on the wall read' HELL'. "Why scream?"asked Henry" You know how to do magic." Jesus screamed"No, I don't know"Henry was stunned." Then how did you make that sand storm?" Jesus screamed "That's the devil in Hell, I paid him a zillion dollars to make that."

Then a very tall man, in a black cloak with a mask on his face and carring a large, glitering knife approched them.

Chapter 7

Somebody was poking Henry gentely on the head. He woke with a shout. Infront of him were two unfamilier people. One was very old, with a long white beard and he was bald. The other was a young man, he was very musculer and was grinning at Henry. "Ah! You finaly wake up, we thought you were dead." said the old man. " Who are you?" the words came out before Henry could stop them and he knew he had sound rude. "We found you with your head in the sand" said the old man. "Why are you doing that, you do konw that's quick sand." "Then we pulled you out by the feet and you are lucky not to be dead."

Henry finally understood the old man's words. Then he asked" What's your name? I thank you two very much." The old man said" I'm Jesus and that's my brother Kansas" said the old man. "I came here because you picked on me so much and my ears are starting to itch ." "Your ears should be itching." muttered Henry, " You leave me in such a mess." Jesus sighed" I did it because you are too fat and you need exersise, that camel a sent for you to ride nearly broke it's bones when it came back to me, and that's my privite camel, you know." Then Kansas said" For apolagy, we will send you to the west cost of the deset." Henry was so happy he danced.