Saturday, April 5, 2008

Chapter 12

Now Satan was very angry. He started shouting at the dragons to stop watching Teletubies, and the dragons suddenly woke up. In a flash, the dragons started toward Jesus and Jesus screamed like a monkey. Satan smiled, and then he raised his knife high and said"Jesus you old fool is going to die."He was wrong.

The dragons had almost reach Jesus when the Teletubies rushed out. The dragons stoped dead again. Satan was beside himself with rage, he screamed"You foolish dragons, start attacking." but the dragons were once again watched Teletubies. Satan poked one of the dragons with his knife, and the dragon roared" Shut up!" and breath a ball of fire from his ear into Satan's face. When Satan next stood up, his hair were standing straight like a pinball.

Satan looked at himself in the mirror and died of shame. And one more evening, the dragons watch Teletubies none stop.

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