Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chapter 6

The sand had almost reached his mouth. Henry's heart lept because he saw a thick tree branch to hook the bone. Using all his might, he threw the bone. With his fingers crossed, Henry watched as the bone flew through the air and smashed on the tree trunk. The bone was too week, and the sand had reached his mouth. Henry quickly pulled the rope back and grabbed another bone, then he threw his whole weight on the bone and threw it.

The bone flew into the sky, but a hawk appeared out of thin air and landed on the branch. The bone caught the hawk's head and smashed. " Now I will have a fried hawk" cursed Henry. Now the sand had almost reached his ears. Henry could barely breath, then his hand touched the very thing he wanted, the newest bone. Henry tied the bone to the rope as the sand reached his ears. Then he amed it at the branch again. The bone had hooked around the branch.

His heart lifting, Henry pulled the rope and inch by inch he began to rise out of the quick sand circle. When his navel reached the surface, the branch started the shake, his weight plus the sand in his clothes too much for the branch. Then the branch broke entirely and Henry was thrown head first into the quick sand hole. "Damed!" thought Henry. and as the sand filled his ears and nostrols, he thought he heard people whispering, but then he fainted.