Friday, January 25, 2008

Chapter 5

" Oh Jesus!" cried Henry for he was waist deep in sand and sinking still lower. He tried to push himself out of the sand with his hands, but he almost toppeled head first into the sand again. Desperate to get out of the horrible sand, he tried to leap out, but that was no use, and he sank even deeper. Then Henry relised something which made his heart sank. He relised what this odd sand is. It was quick sand.

Quick sand was the thing that people living in the desert fears most next to sandstorms. He remembered an old man who had lived in the desert for a long time told him that quick sand was completely un-escapable. It will circle the people and slowly, the people will sink beneath the sand. When a sand storm comes, or when it rains, the bones will reappear on top of the surface of the sand.

Thinking that his bones will be the next set to dry here if he didn't find a way to escape soon, Henry began to panick. Then a bone hit Henry on the head, now only his head remained on top of the sand's surface. The bone made Henry see a chance of surviving. He grab the ropes inside his pocket, then tied the rope to the bone. As he did that the sand reach his chin, then he looked for a place to hook the bone.If he can't find any, he'll be history.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chapter 4

It was the morning, and Henry woke up in his cave. The memory of yesterday's idea still seem impossible to Henry. The mountain was high, fifty feet above the ground, and the side of the mountain was filled with lots of sharp rocks. Henry reluctantly walked around the mountain top, trying to find a path to go down. After half an hour of surching, Henry finally discovered a path which seems to lead down to the base of the mountain. This was a very narrow path and keeps turning at unexpected places. Once Henry almost fall of the path and straight to the bace of the mountain because it was so hard to keep his balance on the narrow path.

The path became narrower the farther Henry went. He was panting as though he had just ran a mile, now the sun was almost right on top of Henry's head. The heat was incredible, not only Henry's skin was very dry, but unfortunaly, the sand on the ground around him was very hot, too. There was no place for shelter on the path, sweat was dripping like a miniture waterfall from the tips of Henry's nose. Finally, the narrow path seems to be a bit wider. Henry gathered the rest of his strength and walked as fast as he could toward the place where the path ends.

But what he saw made Henry took several steps backwards. There were about ten sets of bones, human looking bones scattered on the ground. One set of the bones still had a bit of flesh on it, and was giving off a rotting smell as though the flesh had only rotted for a few days. Henry noticed that the bones were scattered in a circle, he took a couple of steps forward to examine them closer. Then, with out warning, Henry sank waist deep into the sand.

Chapter 3

It was wonderful to find a place to live. Henry crawled inside, the cave was not big but possitioned greatly. It blocked the sunlight from hurting his eyes, and the floor of the cave was smooth. Now possibly quivering with exictment, he ran outside the cave to move his possetions inside. Then he relised for the first time that he didn't have any possetions excpt the knife. The happiness that had welled up in him since he found the cave was gone, a great hopelessness took place and he dropped to the floor on his knees.

After two days of nothing but dread of what was going to happen to him for company, Henry started to get really hungry and terribly thirsty. He decided that the only thing he could do was to go and find water and food, or die. Henry walked around the mountains for an hour but didn't find a single drop of water. His lips were very dry, then he saw a row of cactuses about a hundred yards away. He ran toward the cactuses, triping and falling over but he didin't care. He cut down several branches, he chewed them in his mouth. It was very spicky and a bit acid but it was water all the same.

After water, he needed food. He had only a knife for a weapon so if he miss, every thing is lost. Henry tried to find food anyway, but there was no food where ever he looked in the mountain. The conclusion was, he needed to think of a plan to go down the mountain." Oh Jesus!'thought Henry"Why have you gave me such a hard task" High above Henry"s head, Jesus thought" Is someone picking on me?Why do my ears itch so much?"

Chapter 2

Henry woke up. He remembered dimly what had happened several hours ago. He remembered Tim and Tom vanishing, his friends's shouts and clearest, the huge force that thew him backwards. He now relised that it was a big sandstorm which has sturck their tent last night. He thought" Where are the others? I need to find them." But just as Henry tried to get up, he felt a piercing pain on the rightside of his body. Looking down, he saw that his right arm and the right side of his waist were drenched in dark, shockingly red blood.

Even as he watch, his blood still poured from his arm and waist, the rock where he lay was already shining in the bright sun light because of Henry's blood. It seems that the place where he had landed was a rocky mountain full of sharp rocks, and the spicky rocks had caught the side of his body while he landed. Henry riped off the sleeve of his shirt and wraped it tightly aroud the big wound on his arm. Feeling slightly better, he got gingerly to his feet and started to explore the the place where he had fallen.

The place where he had fallen was a rocky mountain, with loads of sharp rocks. Henry look down at the suroundings, and his heart sank. He was at least fifty feet up from the ground. Henry immediately gave up on the hope to get down the mountain. He walked on, then he spotted a rock cave not far from him. His heart bursting with happiness, he raced toward the cave. It was just what he needed, a shelter.

Chapter 1

Henry, the son of a treasure hunter was riding on a camel in the great Sahara Desert while a silent disaster approched. A newly pinned up sign read "Large Sandstorm forming near the westcost of Sahara Desert, passengers beware."A large crowd of people were discussing over this notice board near the eastcost of Sahara Desert. This notice was, however pined up on July 3rd, three days after Henry set out across Sahara, and Henry didn't have a magical vision so he was unaware that a terrible disaster was approching him.

While Henry and his friends were eating dinner, the wind was stronger than usual. The first to noice this was their guide Tom, and he said" Did you hear the noise of the wind? It's unusualy strong." But then Tom's son Tim said"It's nothing, just that we are not sheltered by tall mountains, that's all... Before he could finish the sentence, the tent was blown off, and Tim was thrown backwards and disappeared from view. With a cry of fear, Tom ran toward the place where Tim had vanished, but Tom disappeared after Tim.

Henry was terrified, he started blundering blindly forward. Then he heard his friends Charlie and George yelling"NO!" Henry started to run toward the source of their voices, but then he felt a huge force throw him back...And he didn't feel anything, except pain beyond pain on the right side of his body.


Henry was riding across a large desert to see his uncle. But then a big storm approched and he got seperated with the rest of his group. During the storm, Henry lost all of his surviving equipment.No map, no water, no compass..., no anything. He was alone in the middle of a huge desert with nothing. Nothing except a knife, wich was his one and only tool or weapon. There were very few wild animals in New York, which is Henry's home town. But now he was in the great Sahara Desert, where who knows what fierce wild animals live........