Monday, March 24, 2008

Chapter 10

Henry was amazed at how powerful was Satan's magic, that he could make dead people come bake to life. Jesus gronned" I hate it when you do that." Satan laughed. His laugh was evil and deep. "I've done it for about a zillion times when we were at school, and you're still afraid of it? What a real cowerd you are." Jesus didn't seem to have any reason to say. Satan smiled. He snapped his fingers, five little devils pulled out a large cage.

"Where did you get it?"screamed Jesus. Satan smiled at Jesus's fright. Henry saw that it was made of gold and decorated with jewels, he couldn't understand why Jesus was so afraid. Neither did Kansas"That old fool has lost his mind."sneared Kansas. Satan seem to have read Henry's mind. He said" This, my young freind is the Cage of Attack, as you can see our old maniact here is very scared." The cage glowed in the red, dark light of Hell. Henry shivered, the cage was letting of a strong cold wind. Satan grinned again"See what I meen, my young fat friend after I'm finnished with you I will have a year's worth of oil.

Then Satan suddenly growled" Take them into the Cage and see what they make of it." They were trapped.

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