Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Chapter 8

The fallowing morning they set off. They went on foot which seems to be very easy for Jesus and Kansas, because they were walking as fast as a ninja. For Henry, this is very hard work because he was so fat, even two weeks in the desret he still weight far more than 100kg. Jesus poked Henry on the stomach every time he was five meters away form Kansas. Soon Henry was tired, and night had fallen, so the three of them built up a tent.

In the middle of the night Henry heard something moving outside. Then several men in black cloaks burst into the tent. They grabbed all three of them and ran off. The men carried them into a cave and into a room, Jesus gaspped. The sign on the wall read' HELL'. "Why scream?"asked Henry" You know how to do magic." Jesus screamed"No, I don't know"Henry was stunned." Then how did you make that sand storm?" Jesus screamed "That's the devil in Hell, I paid him a zillion dollars to make that."

Then a very tall man, in a black cloak with a mask on his face and carring a large, glitering knife approched them.

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