Friday, June 27, 2008

Chapter 19

The moment the sword turned into smithereens in the hamster's moth, there came a menicing snear outside the school. Then the two teachers they had seen earlier rushed into the place where they are standing. "Headmaster, Vol-Dam-Ort is right outside the school grounds, he is telling his men to suck out all the water in the lake to put in his dam." "God!"cursed Dumb and he hurried into the grounds. Henry and Kansas tied and locked th huge hamster to the wall, it was full and was already fast asleep.

Just then a crepy looking man floated up outside the window, he had big hands, white skin, no hair and wearing a blood red cloak. In his other hand held Dumb, wich he threw onthe ground. The man smiled and said in a high clear voice "Hello, Dumb my old pal, I am taking this school and kill you all, but you have one chance to survive." there was a little pause while the man licked his red lips, showing his pointed teeth" I will give you an hour, you could run toward the mountains. The water of my dam is filled now, the water will only reach the end of the mountains 300 miles from here. The water will cover you all in 10 seconds , so be quick. I will start counting from the first step you take, start in five minutes time or I will let out the water now." Dumb cursed a number of his best chosen rude words. "And " said the man, who must be Vol-Dam-Ort as Dumb beckoned the three of them foward "No apperating, I've cast a charm wich will prevent you from apperating, you could apperate only if you walk over the old oak tree at the edge of the Dark Forest in the mountains."

They had hardly ny time to spare that Dumb didn't even curse, he poked the big hamster awake and directed it with his stick. Then they hurried out of the school. The mountain was tall and steep, it was nothing to Kansas wich was young and thin, but Dumb and Jesus were very old and Hnery was a very fat kid. Then Dumb cast his broken stick in a circle and the huge hamster wich was floating beside them, sprang awake and carried them through the mountains really fast. There was only 20minutes left whenthe hamster stopped and threw them all down. They were only 2 miles away from the great oak, but the hamster laied down and started to snore. They could not wake the hamster so they took turns draging it, and edged toward the oak. With 5 meters to the oak, their hour was up. The sound of running water reached their ears, after 7 seconds they finally made it. Dumb waved his stick and with only a half minute left they apperated with the sound of strong running water still ringing in their ears......

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