Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chapter 16

Henry fainted and next second he was splashed awake again. Color wolf's voice groweled in his ear. "Wake up your oilness, you are so lazy."Henry groaned and woke up, the awful smell of stinky tofu attacked at his nostruls. The color wolf grinned again and continued his speach" And we present, blood of our sacrificers, start form the fatty."When Henry noticed, the three masked wolves were trying to cut open his back. "We can't cut him sir, he has too much oil, probly more than a whale's blubber." As he said that, the three knives turn into an arch. The colorwolf gaped at the swords, and said"The old cowerd first, than." The wolves tried cutting Jesus, but his bone is too hard. "Dam_! Cut the last one." The exacutioners were about to cut Kansas, when some one shouted" Stop!"The wolves looked up, bewildered then an old man with a long silvery beard and half-moon specticals walked out. Color wolf growled"You can't stop us!" "Oh yes?" The old man took out a broken stick and said"ass-io gun." And a gun appeared out of thin air.

The old man took the gun and shoot the wolf's head. Blood poured out and the color wolf's body fell to the ground. The old man waved his broken stick and the four of them appeared on the east side of the Saharen Desret.

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