Friday, June 27, 2008

Chapter 17

"Thanks alot."said Henry gratefully to the old man. "What is your name?"asked Kansas. "My name is Albus Dumb-O-dore, but you can just call me Dumb." said the old man. The people in the street were staring at Dumb's long robes and pointed hat, so he quickly took off those. And out of his hat jumped two hamsters, the people in Egypt never saw a hamster, and they crowded around it. Then a man called Peter Hotdogs bought it for a million dallors. "What work did you do to involve a hamster?"asked Henry. "Oh, that reminds me, I could take you to our school"said Dumb. "What school?""My school of course"said Dumb"A magic school Hamster World, our motto is' We Want Engrish. We have four houses: Hamsterdor, Hamsterclaw, Hamsterpuff and Hamsterlinn" "That's fine by me."said Henry"And me"said Kansas. They both look at Jesus"What about you?"Jesus cried"I hate hamsters."

Dumb was afronted, "what's wrong with hamsters? They are furry and cute." Jesus said "Last year I saw a hamster in my house, I tried to pet it and........" "What?"said Dumb."It turn into a three floor wide monster and ate all the food I stored in my refrigerator." "Wide?" "Yeah, it was as tall as me really." Dumb thought for a moment and cried"The largest hamster in the world!" "What?" "Yeah, he is in our school, he is really greedy, he ate all the food at his table." "God, he really can eat." Just then Dumb cast out a blood curdleing scream" The sword of Hamsterdor! If he ate that Vol-dam-ort can get into the school and kill all the students."

"Who is Vol-Dam-ort?"asked Henry. "He is an evil wizard, you can put water on the dam on top his head and water pour out to kill all the people. And he had a powerful stick called the Live Stick, if he use it hell will move to the sky and heaven will move underground." "Oh no, than my house will crash!" "Why?"asked Henry"It will just change place" "Because the first of the 3 little pigs help build it with straw." "I need to get back to school"said Dumb"could you three come and help me?" They all agreed(Kansas covering Jesus's mouth), then they turn on the spot to diapperate.

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