Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chapter 14

The wolves contiued to work and their moves became faster, the color wolf sat on the tallest rock, watching every move his men made. The wolves carried out lots of meat and lay them under their leader. Last the wolves placed a large knife a platform build on top of the rock the color wolf is standing. Then three wolves wearing a mask each, and each carring a knife in it's belt untied the tree pisoners and pushed them toward the place where the color wolf was waiting, a excited look gleaming in it's big yellow eyes. Just walking to the top took about 2 hours and when they got there the color wolf was sound asleep on the floor.

The wolves wich held them at bay, however, seem wide awake and they have no chance to run away. Kansas growel" Get your dirty hands off me." the wolves snickered" You won't be so happy once it's time for the fun to begin."Just then, the first ray of moon light shawn onto them , covernig them with the silvery glow of light.

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