Friday, June 27, 2008

Chapter 18

They landed in the highstreet of Hamsmeed, and walked up to the gates with the winged hamsters ontop. Dumb clicked his fingers and the gates opened, they walked up to the front door and opened it wide, out marched two teacher looking peoeple. They both weared long robes with the Hamster World crest on it: a red, green ,yellow, purple hamster each. Dumb sweap into the school without talking to the two people and Henry, Kansas and Jesus fallowed. There were dozens of hamsters in the corridores, they were busy taring down the statues on the plinthes near the wall. There was one that was instantly reconizable. It was the largest and truly three floors wide, lucky for it the corridores of Hamster world were all 4 floors wide. Dumb shouted" Get back to bed!" The croud of hamsters raced away, except for the largest one, still shoving the statues into it's over sized mouth. Dumb pulled out his broken stick and shouted" Stop or I will curse you!" The large hamster turned around, grinning stupidly, still chewing on the statue of Nicolus Hamel, the famous sorcerer's stone maker.

The large hamster turned and ran, Dumb pointed his broken stick at it's broad back and the Largest Hamster in The World flew foward with a loud yell and crashed into the wall. This was a big mistake. The hamster crashed the wall open and the sword of Hamsterdore appeared before their eyes. On it's hilt were seven glitering rubbies, and "God-Drick Hamsterdore" was carved on the blade. The fallen fat hamster saw it, Dumb scenced what it was going to do. With a cry of desperate, Dumb pointed his broken stick at the hamster, but no mater what spell he shouted, it all rebounded back. Then before anyone could stop it, the large hamster grabbed the sword and shewed it up.

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