Friday, January 25, 2008

Chapter 5

" Oh Jesus!" cried Henry for he was waist deep in sand and sinking still lower. He tried to push himself out of the sand with his hands, but he almost toppeled head first into the sand again. Desperate to get out of the horrible sand, he tried to leap out, but that was no use, and he sank even deeper. Then Henry relised something which made his heart sank. He relised what this odd sand is. It was quick sand.

Quick sand was the thing that people living in the desert fears most next to sandstorms. He remembered an old man who had lived in the desert for a long time told him that quick sand was completely un-escapable. It will circle the people and slowly, the people will sink beneath the sand. When a sand storm comes, or when it rains, the bones will reappear on top of the surface of the sand.

Thinking that his bones will be the next set to dry here if he didn't find a way to escape soon, Henry began to panick. Then a bone hit Henry on the head, now only his head remained on top of the sand's surface. The bone made Henry see a chance of surviving. He grab the ropes inside his pocket, then tied the rope to the bone. As he did that the sand reach his chin, then he looked for a place to hook the bone.If he can't find any, he'll be history.

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