Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chapter 3

It was wonderful to find a place to live. Henry crawled inside, the cave was not big but possitioned greatly. It blocked the sunlight from hurting his eyes, and the floor of the cave was smooth. Now possibly quivering with exictment, he ran outside the cave to move his possetions inside. Then he relised for the first time that he didn't have any possetions excpt the knife. The happiness that had welled up in him since he found the cave was gone, a great hopelessness took place and he dropped to the floor on his knees.

After two days of nothing but dread of what was going to happen to him for company, Henry started to get really hungry and terribly thirsty. He decided that the only thing he could do was to go and find water and food, or die. Henry walked around the mountains for an hour but didn't find a single drop of water. His lips were very dry, then he saw a row of cactuses about a hundred yards away. He ran toward the cactuses, triping and falling over but he didin't care. He cut down several branches, he chewed them in his mouth. It was very spicky and a bit acid but it was water all the same.

After water, he needed food. He had only a knife for a weapon so if he miss, every thing is lost. Henry tried to find food anyway, but there was no food where ever he looked in the mountain. The conclusion was, he needed to think of a plan to go down the mountain." Oh Jesus!'thought Henry"Why have you gave me such a hard task" High above Henry"s head, Jesus thought" Is someone picking on me?Why do my ears itch so much?"

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