Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chapter 2

Henry woke up. He remembered dimly what had happened several hours ago. He remembered Tim and Tom vanishing, his friends's shouts and clearest, the huge force that thew him backwards. He now relised that it was a big sandstorm which has sturck their tent last night. He thought" Where are the others? I need to find them." But just as Henry tried to get up, he felt a piercing pain on the rightside of his body. Looking down, he saw that his right arm and the right side of his waist were drenched in dark, shockingly red blood.

Even as he watch, his blood still poured from his arm and waist, the rock where he lay was already shining in the bright sun light because of Henry's blood. It seems that the place where he had landed was a rocky mountain full of sharp rocks, and the spicky rocks had caught the side of his body while he landed. Henry riped off the sleeve of his shirt and wraped it tightly aroud the big wound on his arm. Feeling slightly better, he got gingerly to his feet and started to explore the the place where he had fallen.

The place where he had fallen was a rocky mountain, with loads of sharp rocks. Henry look down at the suroundings, and his heart sank. He was at least fifty feet up from the ground. Henry immediately gave up on the hope to get down the mountain. He walked on, then he spotted a rock cave not far from him. His heart bursting with happiness, he raced toward the cave. It was just what he needed, a shelter.

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