Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chapter 1

Henry, the son of a treasure hunter was riding on a camel in the great Sahara Desert while a silent disaster approched. A newly pinned up sign read "Large Sandstorm forming near the westcost of Sahara Desert, passengers beware."A large crowd of people were discussing over this notice board near the eastcost of Sahara Desert. This notice was, however pined up on July 3rd, three days after Henry set out across Sahara, and Henry didn't have a magical vision so he was unaware that a terrible disaster was approching him.

While Henry and his friends were eating dinner, the wind was stronger than usual. The first to noice this was their guide Tom, and he said" Did you hear the noise of the wind? It's unusualy strong." But then Tom's son Tim said"It's nothing, just that we are not sheltered by tall mountains, that's all... Before he could finish the sentence, the tent was blown off, and Tim was thrown backwards and disappeared from view. With a cry of fear, Tom ran toward the place where Tim had vanished, but Tom disappeared after Tim.

Henry was terrified, he started blundering blindly forward. Then he heard his friends Charlie and George yelling"NO!" Henry started to run toward the source of their voices, but then he felt a huge force throw him back...And he didn't feel anything, except pain beyond pain on the right side of his body.

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