Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chapter 4

It was the morning, and Henry woke up in his cave. The memory of yesterday's idea still seem impossible to Henry. The mountain was high, fifty feet above the ground, and the side of the mountain was filled with lots of sharp rocks. Henry reluctantly walked around the mountain top, trying to find a path to go down. After half an hour of surching, Henry finally discovered a path which seems to lead down to the base of the mountain. This was a very narrow path and keeps turning at unexpected places. Once Henry almost fall of the path and straight to the bace of the mountain because it was so hard to keep his balance on the narrow path.

The path became narrower the farther Henry went. He was panting as though he had just ran a mile, now the sun was almost right on top of Henry's head. The heat was incredible, not only Henry's skin was very dry, but unfortunaly, the sand on the ground around him was very hot, too. There was no place for shelter on the path, sweat was dripping like a miniture waterfall from the tips of Henry's nose. Finally, the narrow path seems to be a bit wider. Henry gathered the rest of his strength and walked as fast as he could toward the place where the path ends.

But what he saw made Henry took several steps backwards. There were about ten sets of bones, human looking bones scattered on the ground. One set of the bones still had a bit of flesh on it, and was giving off a rotting smell as though the flesh had only rotted for a few days. Henry noticed that the bones were scattered in a circle, he took a couple of steps forward to examine them closer. Then, with out warning, Henry sank waist deep into the sand.

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