Thursday, December 20, 2007

Chicago White Sox

The White Soxs are founded in Chicago in 1901. They won the World Seiries for 3 times. Their Combat success was very good in 2005 when they beat the Astors 4-0 and got the the World Seiries cup, the first the White Soxs since 1917. But then they began to go downhill, first their No.1 pitcher Jon Garland and Freddy Garcia getting very bad, then the MVP of the 2005 World Seiries, Jermaine Dye was ingured and his good batting averge record (0.315) drop to a very disoppointing record(0.254) for a player whos salery is so high. This year their Combat sucess is vert bad, Contorlas and Dye going downhill and Garland traded to the Phillies. The only exiting thing for the White Soxs this year is that Jim Thome hit his 500th homer in his career.

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