Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles are based in Milwaukee in 1901, then in 1902 they move to St. Louis and changed name to the Browns. They got the World Seiries cup for 3 times. They produeced good players like FrankRobinson and CalRipken, Jr. When they are still named the Browns, they have many famous players in the team , but they don't have enough money to keep the great players so the key players keep going to other teams, and now the Orioles' hitting is very bad indead. Now they are trying to use speed to beat the other teams, for their first bat Brian Roberts is very fast. The key players now is Kevin Millar. Then Tejada who was one of the key players on the team has been traded away and the teams batting will be worse than ever. Now thet have become a bad team in the MLB.

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Unknown said...

The amazing thing about Tejada is although he only has an AVG of .296 in his career for the past ten years. However, his SLG(slugging percentage) is .442 which is very close to MLB's Top100 in terms of slugging percentage. Plus, if we take a look at the baseball players in Asia, it's pretty rare to see such a dreadful and awesome hitter with a position in SS.